DTP Online Corporation

DTP Online is a subsidiary of Dai Truong Phat, one of the largest ESL book distributors in Vietnam.



Bachelor of Psychology and Communications. The University of South Africa.


  • More than 20 years experience of teaching English in Asia, a renowned expert and author of numerous ESL books for children and teens.  
  • Co-author of the Oxford Phonics World and Dolphin Readers book series for children (Oxford University Press).  
  • Teacher trainer for sessions by invitation from the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and has presented papers at teacher training workshops in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.


Bachelor of Foreign Language and Literature, National University of Taiwan.

  • Former Assistant Lecturer of English at the National University of Taiwan, teacher trainer and Managing Director of Oxford University Press, Taiwan.
  • Co-authored several books published by renowned publishing houses such as Shanxi People’s Press, Fortunas Australia and The Beijing Commercial Press.  
  • Currently Chief Executive Officer of JC & Associates Consultancy in Taiwan, specializing in publishing, marketing and training teachers all over Asia.


Master's in Teaching English for Children, University of Aston, UK.

  • More than 10 years experience in Japan of writing songs for children and specializing using music to teach English to children.  
  • Presenter at numerous international educational conferences and workshops in Tokyo, Boston, Dallas and Hungary.  
  • Co-authored the songs and chants of the Oxford Phonics World series (Oxford University Press).